A Counsellor or Psychotherapist is someone with a graduate-level education in Counselling Therapy or Psychology, that is specifically trained in supporting individuals in the process of self-discovery, adaption, and development, and in working with individuals who may also present with an already diagnosed mental health disorder. 


My approach as an integrative counselling therapist is to offer the supportive conditions from which an individual may engage in a process of self-discovery and meaning-making; to integrate areas of disconnection; deal with conflict; connect with one's inner potential and outer resources; experience congruency between thoughts, feelings, and actions; and generally speaking, to uncover, discover, or recover, connections to one's own innate potential for healing and learning.


A universal goal of integrative counselling therapy is to improve or restore a client’s functioning and his or her sense of personal well-being, in addition to individually specific therapeutic goals defined by each client and their presenting situation, needs, and interests.

75 minute session /   $150 plus gst

 Integrative Counselling for Adults


Integrative Counselling Therapy

discover, uncover, and recover your own strengths and tap into your potential 


Five (5)-40 minute Infant massage Lesson Package for New Parents /   $375 plus gst Comes with $50-off coupon  for the online course  "Nurturing Connection"

40-minute Parent Coaching session /   $85 plus gst

75  minute Counselling session for Kids & Teens /   $150 plus gst

 Integrative Counselling for Children & Teens

For Infants 0-1 Year of age:

I teach new parents the art of Infant Massage through individual sessions and in a group format. I offer a five (5) session 40-minute package for individual parents to learn in a one-on-one type setting, and then I offer a few times a year, infant massage group-based learning. In a group format, you will be joined by other parents and their babies and learn, with the added social element of being in community with other parents with infants under twelve months of age. In either format, it is a special time to bond with and learn from, and with, your baby, and benefit from how the IAIM protocol of Infant Massage is centered in supporting the development of healthy attachment and bonding, between you and your baby, and in the enhancement of your self-awareness as a parent. 

Parents will receive an instruction manual, hands-on education of the technique, a take-home instruction packet and a bottle of massage oil to carry on the massage at home.

Under the premise of supporting the healthy attachment relationship between child and parent, and in the parents capacity for attunement to their infant, infant massage teaches you how to use the loving power you have in your own two hands to nurture your baby's holistic development and your instincts, as a parent! 


Each lesson builds upon the last and covers specific massage protocol for each the: legs and feet; stomach, including a special routine for relief of colic/gas; chest; arms and hands; face; back; and gentle movements which provide cross-lateral movements to support the connections being made between babies two brain hemispheres, which is vital for development. You will also learn adaptations of the Infant Massage protocol for the growing child and for special situations.


Learning to listen to your baby through being aware of what infant cues are, reflexes, and behavioural states, and the different types of infant crying (emotional and physical), and the protocols of asking permission from your baby to begin the massage, will all be covered throughout the five lessons so you feel confident in your skills to continue with massage on your own.

I am trained as an Infant Massage Instructor through the International Association for Infant Massage (IAIM) and also hold training in Early Child Development and Learning, Child Life, and Infant Mental Health. Through learning infant massage, parents can establish a nurturing relationship with their child from the beginning, which may serve to support the formation of a healthy foundation, from which the child may develop from, and within, and thrive.


To learn more about Infant Massage, read my article from the 2019 Winter Issue of Birth Issues Here.

I offer infant massage classes to small groups throughout the year in various locations. Please contact Lindsay to inquire about this if you are interested in learning more about group-based infant massages classes.

For Children Aged 1-6:

I focus on the Parent-Child Relationship and support parents in their capacity for attunement.

These Coaching sessions are designed to support parents with young children aged one through six (1-6),  and they are centered in supporting parents in how to create and enhance the parent-child relationship- otherwise know as the attachment relationship, as it is this relational context from which a child develops.


Parents will uncover their strengths and inner resources, and build upon their skills through coaching sessions so that a parent learn how to best support their child's holistic development through qualities such as presence, playfulness, acceptance, curiosity, and empathy. 

Centered in attunement: the ability to meet your child, in the moment, and to match their emotional, temperamental, and development needs, is at the heart of these sessions. This approach is well suited to those parents experiencing difficulty with their young child and seeking support for how to best navigate the early years of development.  


This approach may also be well suited for those parents wishing to enhance an already strong relational foundation with their child.

To learn more about early child development; the attachment relationship; attunement; and attachment parenting, please follow the linked attachments.

For Kids& Teens Aged 7-17:

I offer individual Counselling Therapy sessions to support kids and teens who are dealing with anxiety, depression, self-esteem challenges, and those who are struggling with experiences of grief and loss. My integrative approach is rooted in play and curiosity and is well-positioned to support children, adolescents, and youth in engaging in their own individualized therapeutic process.


Facilitated by the Counselling Therapist, children will be supported in connecting to their curiosity and imagination, and able to explore, for example, loose parts, play materials, and art media, and invited into engagement with a creative process. The resulting process that unfolds and any pieces of work created through their process (such as artwork, or play structures and artifacts) can be used to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behaviour and challenges, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

When working with children, adolescents, and youth, I meet with the caregiver(s) first prior to beginning my therapeutic work with the child/children. Additionally, throughout the therapeutic process, I encourage the caregivers to remain involved, as I see them as an integral part of the therapeutic process. Sometimes caregivers will be involved actively and directly in sessions with the child, and sometimes they might be observing, and sometimes not. This is dependent on the needs of the child's therapeutic process and the family system. Overall, this helps to establish a positive change in the child, the parent-child relationship, and the family system as a whole. The initial parent consultation and any subsequent meeting is a forty-minute (40) session and occurs without the child/children and is a space for the parent(s) to develop their own self-awareness and build upon their skills and capacities to attune and relate to their child in ways that support coming back into rhythm and sync with one another.

A goal of the therapeutic process is integration, regulation, to create meaning, and to improve or restore a client’s functioning and his or her sense of personal well-being. The therapeutic process uses the expressive and self-reflective aspects of the creative process to address issues and challenges across the whole spectrum of human experiences.


Creative Expressions Groups  &  Self Care Workshops

I support working professionals, such as those in a variety of helping professions (like doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers) as well as entrepreneurs, in accessing their creativity as a way to support personal wellness through coping with stress, and being able to: self-regulate; in developing one's professional presence and mindfulness as a way of increasing their ability to move with change; harness one's imagination and vision to think outside of the box for ingenuity; increased capacity to focus, and to gain traction with projects; increased conscious awareness of one's performance and ethical responsibility in one's occupation; in accessing and harnessing one's creative energy for professional growth.


I offer support to your personal wellbeing and professional development through creative process-based experiences in either a small group or workshop format, to support your learning and development that can ultimately enhance your capacity in your professional work or vocation. 


I do cater to small groups. Please contact Lindsay to inquire about this if you are interested.


Forms of Payment Accepted

      & credit card 

Cancellations & No Shows
  • There is no charge for cancellations made 24 hours or more in advance. 

  • Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice, and missed appointments will be billed at the session rate and are not eligible for reimbursement. 

Insurance Coverage: I do not directly bill for sessions
  • Please check with your provider. Each insurance policy and professionals covered under each policy vary. It is your responsibility to explore your coverage through your individual health care plan for counselling services. 

  •  Clients also may choose to use Health Spending accounts or “Health Technologies Not Otherwise Specified” to cover sessions with me if available through your specific employer’s plan.

  •  After your session you will be provided with a receipt that includes my designation and registration number:

  • CCPA: Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) #4609

  • CATA: Professional Certified Art Therapist (CATA-PAT) #12625195 

  • Keep your receipts as these can be kept for your records for income tax purposes.

Special Circumstances
  • If finances are a concern, please discuss it with me right away. I will do my best to make fair and feasible arrangements for those experiencing financial difficulties.

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