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Service Offerings

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The Nurtured Seed: Infant Massage &
Heart Centred Parenting

I have a passion for supporting positive early life experiences through nurturing the attachment bond between new parents and their babies. The primal period of pre-conception through to the fifth year of life is formative, where womb ecology becomes world ecology.


I teach new parents the art of infant massage to help establish early bonding and embodiment as well as offer heart-centered Parent coaching. These sessions are centered in coaching, conversation, and capacity building, where parents are supported in how to show up for their kids with a quality of presence and attuned engagement. Learning how they may best support their child through qualities such as Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance, and Love.

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Nurture your Nature: Therapeutic Support for Kids & Teens

Children & teens will be invited into a creative process which is meant to ignite their curiosity and imagination to explore feelings, reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-awareness, manage behaviour and challenges, develop social skills, improve reality orientation, reduce anxiety, and increase self-esteem.

The therapeutic process uses the expressive and self-reflective aspects of the creative process to address issues and challenges across the whole spectrum of human experience.

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Workshops & Consulting
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Moving Wisdom:
Therapeutic Support for Adults

My approach is to offer the supportive conditions from which an individual may engage in a process of mindful self-discovery and meaning-making; to integrate and inhabit ones body more deeply; become a more true iteration of ones self; to live a more authentic life, lit up from within.

 Sessions are offered through two methods:

1. Psychotherapy & Coaching: 

These sessions invite a process of meeting the moment. Involves an experience which may engage movement, expressive, creative, and therapeutic modalities, alongside mindful self-reflection, which can benefit any individual in knowing themselves better-which is the ultimate relationship in life and the central place to begin from if one wishes to optimize their ability to live fully

2.  Therapeutic Movement & Pilates: 

A moving wisdom session is movement focused, integrating pilates and other therapeutic somatic movement modalities, in order to support you in meeting your individual functional movement and embodiment goals. Click here for more information on Moving Wisdom Pilates & Therapeutic Movement sessions.

I support working professionals, such as those in a variety of helping professions (like doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers) as well as entrepreneurs, in accessing their creativity as a way to support personal wellness through coping with stress, and being able to: self-regulate; in developing one's professional presence and mindfulness as a way of increasing their ability to move with change; harness one's imagination and vision to think outside of the box for ingenuity; increased capacity to focus, and to gain traction with projects; increased conscious awareness of one's performance and ethical responsibility in one's occupation; in accessing and harnessing one's creative energy for professional growth.

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