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Lindsay Ashmore

Psychotherapist . Coach . Guide

Lindsay is a body-centered, creative-arts psychotherapist, coach, and guide, whose professional practice lies at the intersection of transformational learning, embodiment, creativity, and personal development. Offering trauma-informed, creative, and resource-based guidance for all seasons of life, to bloom where you are planted.


Using a body-centered approach that integrates expressive arts modalities and the creative process, one’s lived experience can be accessed to explore challenges and opportunities and generate resources supporting navigating change, transition, and growth.  


Lindsay offers individual and group experiences that engage movement, expressive, creative, and therapeutic modalities, alongside mindful self-reflection, which can benefit any individual in knowing themselves better-which are the ultimate relationship in life and the central place to begin from if one wishes to optimize their ability to live fully.   


Lindsay’s approach to supporting clients is simple and accessible. It is strength-based and resource orientated. Befriending the body allows access to emotional truths. It supports the capacity to cultivate self-awareness and presence, improve stress tolerance, creative problem solving, and develop greater well-being and resilience. 

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Meet Lindsay

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Service Offerings

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Therapeutic Support for Infants, Mothers & Parents

Focus on the pre-conception, pre-natal & perinatal period of development and the importance of early attachment and bonding.

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Therapeutic Support and Mentoring for
Kids & Teens

Support for kids & teens to tap into their innate curious  &  creative nature to support development, learning, and authentic self expression.

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Therapeutic Support and Guidance 
for Adults

Learning how to tune in to attune to the language of your own body, heart, and inner knowing activates a kind of  inner navigation system that can steer you in the directions that are longing to be opened up, discovered, reclaimed, and honoured to live a more authentic life in connection with that which inspires and lights you up. 



“Become a co-creator of your life, and tend the soil of your potential.”

Lindsay Ashmore
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